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Hi! Welcome to my HomePage!


Welcome to the Raul Silva - AmigaUFO HomePage.
This homepage is for all Amiga computer fans in portugal and around the world.
The Amiga-Mania site is now in a friend webserver here in Portugal.
This homepage is a original portuguese Amiga site all site are created with an Amiga 1200T computer only. This site is in english too for all international Amiga users around the world.
In this site you can find many section with all information about all Amigas. Amigas with 680x0 processors - Classics Amigas, and the news RISC PowerPC processors Amigas:
- One section with all AmigaOS Operation System informations and features.
- One section for all Amiga-Mania IRC international channel users in IRCAmigos and DalNet networks.
- One section with all my portuguese catalogs for Download, for all kinds of Amiga Software.
- One section with Amiga Hardware in second hand for sell.
- One section with Amiga-Mania Contacts and another with Amiga-Mania Credits site.
- One section with all Amiga Demos and Intros from AmigaScene.
- One section with my tips, for what Hardware and Software you need to buy.
- One section with my dictionarys Amiga terms, internet, informatic in general and new tecnologies dictionarys, my Internet Smileys and Emoticon dictionary, my extension filetypes dictionary of the most important sound, video, image, typefiles, etc to Amiga and other platforms. One Etiquete NET dictionary and a document with all famous Amiga users around the world, with all companys, TV channels, 7th arts and important people used Amigas until today days.
- One section with tecnical Amiga Hardware specifications and Software documents.
- One section with all consoles, microcomputers, Arcades and Electronic Games emulators for Amiga with 680x0 and RISC PowerPC processors.
- One section with all informations and features about Amiga Hardware.
- One section with Amiga history from the year 1982 until the days of today.
- One section with my NewIcons and GlowIcons packages for Amiga programms, games, for AmigaOS 3.5, AmigaOS 3.9 and for new AmigaOS 4.0 Operation System.
- One section about Amiga games, with games for Amiga and with informations about classic games and the new games in international marked.
- One section with my Amiga Hardware and Software configuration and with my AmigaOS screengrabs and my GlowIcons package in.
- One section with all photos and tecnical specifications about all Amiga, A1000, A500, A500+, A1200, A1500, A2000, A3000, A3000T, A4000, A4000T, CD32, CDTV, include the MCC and Mind Walker prototyps, and the new AmigaOne. One table and a Amiga family tree.
- One music section with music modules for Download, popular portuguese music in AegisSonix - SMUS and Midi - MID formats. Musics in MOD, MED, DBM, SymMOD, SPM, FTM, XM, IT, S3M, MP2, MP3, Midi - MID, etc, formats and karaoke to use in MP3 music files.
- One section with all last news about Amiga.
- One Patchs section to improve the lock and features of Workbench - AmigaOS.
- One section with and about Amiga online magazines.
- One section with the best Amiga Software in the international market.
- One section with all Amiga users in Portugal and in Brasil.
- One section with the best international Amiga sites.
- One section to the new Amiga Online portuguese Shop here in Portugal.

I´m a Betatester and translater of Amiga Software and AmigaOS 3.0, 3.1, 3.5, 3.9, 4.0+ Amiga Operation Systems.
I´m a ATO - Amiga Translators Organization member.
Graphics and icons designer from Amiga aplications and games.

Current Amiga projects:
- Betatesting and translation of AmigaOS 4.0.
- Betatesting and translation of Directory Opus 4.17
- Betatesting and translation of YAM v2.5
- Betatesting and translation of IBrowse v2.4
- Betatesting and translation of ReqAttack v2.0
- Betatesting, translation, Glowicons and graphics design of FryingPan v0.01h
- Betatesting and translation of EasySystem
- Betatesting and translation of HSML v44.50
- Betatesting and translation of MILL v0.68
- Betatesting SPlayer
- Betatesting SWFPlayer
- Betatesting AmiNetRadio
- Betatesting and translation of AmiGIFT
- Translation of DynAMIte v2.3 game
- Translation of Total Chaos AGA game, GlowIcons and add Total Chaos homepage in Amiga-Mania
- Translation of the irc.ircamigos.org network help document to portuguese language, etc.
- My AmigaOS 4.0 REAIS Glowicons collection package
- My GlowIcons collecton package for HD Amiga games
- My Glowicons collections for Amiga aplications
- This WWW homepage - Amiga-Mania
- New Amiga-Mania online shop homepage
- The World International IRC #Amiga-Mania channel
- AmiKit Portuguese translation

I translate Amiga software from English, spanish and portuguese brazilian for european portuguese. I translate for Portuguese the follow Amiga software: AmigaOS 3.1, 3.5, 3.9, Directory Opus v5.82 Magellan II, Directory Opus 4, AmiGOD, AMPlifier, AslPrefs, BetaScan, FlexCat, CDDB.Library, DefIcons, EvenMore, GroovyPlayer, MagiC64, MCControl, MrIcon, RAWBInfo, Sherman Blanker, TransCat, VisualGuide, Wordworth, ReqAttack, RC-FTPd, AHI, Personal Paint, NetInfo II, YAM, 404 HTML, AMidi, AmiMirror2, AmiTalk 2, AmTelnet 2, HBMonopoly, HSMathLibs, MCC Tip Of The Day MCC TipWindow, Miami, APDF, Auatuor, Solohalma, MUI Mine, StrICQ, UltraConv, WarpDTPrefs, ACDPlay, Boards.Library, Collector, MCP, MUI CD Player, OpusMPEGA, Pegase, Picticon, SGrab, SongPlayer, ToolsDaemon, Visage, Z100, SwazInfo, Frodo, BenchTrash, ClassAction, GuruStatistix, STFax, AWeb, SoundFX, AmIRSay, MagicMenu, AmiStart v0.60, Meridian v1.19, DepthMenu v2.35, Fat95, Jabberwocky, TTManager, AmIRC.module, DOpus5.module, Workbench.module, etc.
I draw graphics for Amiga programms, I draw NewIcons and GlowIcons, icons for games and programms, I draw all the GlowIcons and graphics for: FryingPan, GEMImageDT, HDTools, SimpleHTML, MCControl, MooVid, PSXView, EvenMore, RAWBInfo, DefIcons44, Image2Icon, ReqAttack, Action, AMPlifier, AslPrefs, Clock, IoTools, PlauCD, WBClock, More, AsimCDFS, VisualPrefs, MagicMenu, RXDraughts, Iomega ZIP 100/250 MB Disks, my new OS 3.9/4.0+ REAIS GlowIcons package, etc.
I programm in HTML, JavaScript, and Basic.
I´m a betatest of amiga software like AmigaOS 3.1, 3.5, 3.9, 4.0, YAM, ReqAttack, MCControl, EvenMore, HDTools, RC-FTPd, MooVid, SGrab, RAWBInfo, DefIcons, Image2Icon, ASyncWB, FFS, DataTypes, etc.

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